Interesting Real Stories
Top 100 April Fool's Hoaxes
Urban Myth Debunking Site
Scam Spam List
Spam Radio
Can't send e-mail more than 500 miles
What's Better: Random Site Comparing Everything
Disturbing Web Searches
Useless Facts
Ask Snoop: Tha Shizzolator ; Urban Dictionary
Annals of Improbably Research
Amusing Naval Safety Center Photos
Homeland Security Signs
Magic Waterlogged Camera
Self Arrest Form
Escher Drawings built out of legos (others on site too)
Dialect Survey (questions & maps)
Urban Golf ; Urban Iditarod ; Flugtag
Flash Mobs
Usenet Timeline
Person Leaving Random Funny eBay Comments
The Onion on Jazz
Meaningful Simpsons Quotes
JWZ's random ramblings (really bad attitude)
Real Life Pac-Man
Calvin and Hobbes in Fight Club
Bing Bang Boing Trampoline Game
More About Tying Shoelaces Than You Ever Wanted To Know
Convert Wav To MP3 (online) (and more)
Learning To Read Chinese Menus (great, long tutorial)
Know Your Meme
Let Me Google That For You
man of urbane refinement (Japanese term)
Magnificent (public transit range mapping)
interconnecting objects, people, places from books (making a storyverse)
overly honest science on twitter
The Codeless Code (koans/educational tales about coding) (my favorites)
Twitter-size Dissertation Summaries (read from beginning through Dec 27, 2013)
The Computer Engineer's Haggadah
Spurious Correlations
Chemistry Infographics / Infographs
a huge repository of pumpkin carving patterns
Arrow's other theorem: any result can be published five times
list of fun-sounding scientific effedts
Regret The Error (mistakes in newspapers) (check it every year for year-end summary)
Retraction Watch (mistakes in science/medicine papers)
@justsaysinmice (a Twitter account that points out over-hyped scientific results, results based solely on mouse studies)

FlackCheck monitors political overstatements

google search for "I'm feeling curious"

Funky Commercial Sites

geek topics: obfuscated C, quines, why use ed, easter eggs, magic (cards)
homestar runner (strongbad e-mail)
random flash movies (End of the World)
All Your Base
hilarious videos acted out by halo

handy program that does hotmail mail forwarding
handy program that does yahoo mail forwarding
instructions on how to analyze your gmail using mail-trends
schedule a reminder e-mail to yourself - for cell phone modem drivers


Mancini House