People Who Care
Information Police
No Whining
LOL Animated ASCII Art
I'm Not Your Damn Search Engine
I Will Use Google Before Asking A Dumb Question
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Company Logo Parodies
No Coding on Crack!
No, You Can't Have a Pony
"Was it good for you?" "Read my blog."
Collective Nouns of Fantastic Beings (table)
True Size of Africa
The Most Cunning Trap
Stanford Marguerite bus sign
The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.
programmers deserve pellets too
xkcd comic on the difference between easy and virtually impossible tasks in AI
Calvin and Hobbes comic: Don't put away your childish things, Save them for your child
Periodic Table: Element Name Origins
xkcd comic on figuring out the age of an undated map
xkcd comic on very late / delayed e-mail replies
xkcd comic on being more logical
chart connecting words with probabilities
xkcd comic on weather forecasting / meteorology terminology
xkcd comic about academic disciplines by size of studied thing and quality of estimate of number of studied things
xkcd comic about obessively detailed scientific analysis (right up my alley!)
xkcd comic about quick-and-dirty (and fragile) data pipelines
xkcd comic about how the fact that bodies work are amazing
Daddy Daze comic about hugging schedules
Daddy Daze comic about cuddling
xkcd comic about how training people is like training a neural net
xkcd comic showing how garbage numbers affect mathematical calculations
xkcd comic about error messages for situations that should be impossible
xkcd comic about getting data that yields such an obvious conclusion you don't need to do complex statistics
xkcd comic about the types (tropes) of scientific papers (The Atlantic article with links to more examples, by field)
xkcd comic about things you study showing up in the classroom
xkcd comic about putting numbers in context / base rates
xkcd comic about using math to convince yourself your flawed data is fine
xkcd comic about assuming everyone knows more than they do
xkcd comic about the importance of experimentation
diagram: the data they have vs. the data they want (from this article)
xkcd comic about remembering which data points are independent and which are not and doing statistically testing appropriately
xkcd comic about controlling for confounding variables (don't do too much or too little!)
xkcd comic "for the sake of simplicity" (remember that it can always be more complicated)
xkcd comic about selection bias
Wheel of Emotions
a good reminder that deepfakes are nothing new (from xkcd)
xkcd comic that's about me, or maybe about the risk of being too obsessed with something (such as marble runs)

The Big Picture (a truly awesome photoblog posting recent pictures)