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"Was it good for you?" "Read my blog."
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The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.
programmers deserve pellets too
xkcd comic on the difference between easy and virtually impossible tasks in AI
Calvin and Hobbes comic: Don't put away your childish things, Save them for your child
Periodic Table: Element Name Origins
xkcd comic on figuring out the age of an undated map
xkcd comic on very late / delayed e-mail replies
xkcd comic on being more logical
chart connecting words with probabilities
xkcd comic on weather forecasting / meteorology terminology
xkcd comic about academic disciplines by size of studied thing and quality of estimate of number of studied things
xkcd comic about obessively detailed scientific analysis (right up my alley!)
xkcd comic about quick-and-dirty (and fragile) data pipelines
xkcd comic about how the fact that bodies work are amazing
Daddy Daze comic about hugging schedules
Daddy Daze comic about cuddling
xkcd comic about how training people is like training a neural net

The Big Picture (a truly awesome photoblog posting recent pictures)