regular expression word pattern matcher that sorts result by likelihood it looks like a word or phrase, using text mined from wikipedia


repeating games:
DASH (already listed below)
ClueKeeper gaming software (include games)
owl sighting: - series of online puzzles - file under commercial (read by not moved below yet)
npr's sunday puzzle
list all nyt puzzles
The Great All Nighter (NYC)
Hogwarts and the Draconian Prophecy
TurkZeka Quarterly Puzzle Competition
Wesley's blog posts about the Mooncurser's Handbook game: 1, 2 (already read)
past BANGs...
bang photos on (already viewed by me)
Strawberry Online
BANG 13 (wrap-up)
Competition Unlimited
Coed Astronomy
Basic Cryptanalysis (from an old army training manual)
Meat Machine
The Great All Nighter
Mooncurser's Handbook from Galatic Consortium Press
Static Zombie (still need to read old blog entries)
Team Sharkbait
Python Challenge
Microsoft Puzzlehunt 8
Stanford Daily Article 2003 - automatic song recognition now:
my game resume
Solving Tools:
Flash Decompilers
Zip Decoder

Topic / Game Summary & Url Contains Published Articles? Mark Has Local Cache?
General General Game SiteY (lots!) Y (as of Mar 03)
Snitch's Game Site Y
Wikipedia: The Game
RadiKS's List of Upcoming and Past Games
Puzzle Hunters forum (discussion group)
Larry Hosken's Site
(contains lots of game logs)
Alexandra's Site
(for all the games she runs and some long game logs, linked elsewhere)
Slate Article on game-like thingsYY
SF Chronicle Article on the gameYY
Amnesia GC Log & WrapupY
Advil's LogY
Espionage Official SiteY
RadiKS's LogY
Wonka RadiKS's LogY
Megahard Mystic Fish LogY
RadiKS's LogY
The 420 Game Official SiteY
Mystic Fish Log and CluesY
Homicide: Life on the Farm Official Site
(game info page)
Zelda Official Site
Brief Movie / Documentary
One Team's LogY
GC Brainstorming Site
(log-in required)
Jackpot Official SiteY
Advil's WriteupY (link at bottom of page)Y
Hapless Bats' LogY
FoBiK Official Site Y
FoBiK Message Board
RadiKS's Log Y
Pandamonium's Log
(includes clues)
Wei-Hwa's Log
(includes clues and pictures, some of us)
Mystic Fish Pictures
(including some of us)
Donald's Pictures
(of us)
Goonies Game Official Site
Stanford Magazine ArticleYY
OvernightmareNo web site.
The Genome Game The Genome GameY
postcard invitation
Corey's genodix-app building pictures (Burninators)
Wesley's genodix-app building pictures (Mystic (Snout) Fish or something)
Justice Unlimited Official Site (Radio Station)
Pictures from Drunken Spidermen
Griffiths CollectionGriffiths Collection (The McGuffin Game)
XXtra OnlineXXtra Online (Paparazzi)
The Apprentice: ZorgThe Apprentice: Zorg
No More SecretsNo More Secrets
(BATH1 and BATH2 are listed under "shorter games" below
Ghost PatrolGhost Patrol
Ghost Patrol: Reconstructed (2013) (online)
BATH4No web page
MuppetsThe Muppet Movie Game
Trenchwood InstituteTrenchwood Institute / Doctor When Game
Boston replay
The Famine GameThe Famine Game (Washington D.C.)
Team Sites Blood & Bones Team Site
(includes lots of short game logs)
Snout's Team Site (includes GC summit information) (twitter)
(includes game calendar)
The Burninators
Jessen's Game Page
RadiKS Team Site
Team XX-Rated
Team Advil
Links to Team Sites for a lot of Microsoft teams
Microsoft Games Thanatos SocietyY
NIT 2000
Got 'Game'? First, get a clue (Seattle Times)
One Team's Log of NIT2000Y (a few articles on MS games)Y
VQuest 2000
Shelby Logan's Run
Seattle Times article
PuzzleHunts and the Like Googol
(Google's PuzzleHunt-like thing)
MIT Mystery Hunts Site
(includes all puzzles from 2000 onward; also has a good list of related links to other mystery-hunt-type puzzle sites)
Berkeley Mystery Hunt Site
also has puzzles from Fiat Enigma newspaper column
USC Puzzle Hunt
Microsoft PuzzleHunt 1 (no link?)
Microsoft PuzzleHunt 2Y
Microsoft PuzzleHunt 12 (general information, opening/closing videos, signups)
(bay area simulcast)
Microsoft Puzzlehunt 14 Simulcast
live silverlight site
MIT Mystery Hunt Site for 2003Y
Berkeley Mystery Hunt 2013
Ankurs Research - Puzzle Web Site
Iron Puzzler
(team compete by making themed clues for each other and solving them)
Eric's (Harshbarger's) Puzzle Parties (annual event in spring)
Mark Halpin's NPL Puzzle's
there are few other puzzlehunts being started in other schools; they are not yet listed here
Uds Puzzlehunt
(English puzzles in Germany at a university)
Singapore Puzzle Hunt
Cambridge Puzzle Hunt (2015)
(CUCaTS puzzlehunt 2015)
Shorter Games Park Challenge (so far three such games)Y
(walkthrough) (tied for 3rd/20 or so)
BANG5 - no webpage (2nd or so of around 29)
Coed Astronomy's Mini-Game on Foot
Iron Puzzler BANG
8-Ball / Blue Goo
BANG 19 / S(eattle)NAP 4,
BANG XX: Get Lucky!
(ran twice)
Bang 24
Bang 25: Back to School
Bang XXVI: Viking Conquest
Ghost Patrol BANG
Ghost Patrol: Late Night Snack
On the Right Track Puzzle Hunt
Truckee, CA, put on by Girl Scout Troop 251
(pre-game hint: 1, 2)
DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt) (twitter)
Palantir puzzle hunt
Odd Man Out (tenderloin)
Midnight Madness Brevard
(games in Florida)
Prototype 161
(hosts games in NYC?)
Scavenger / Treasure Hunts YABA2
Wine Country Treasure Hunt
SF Treasure Hunts
(runs the Chinese New Year Hunt and the Secrets of SoMa Treasure Hunt)
one Chronicle article


Bicycle Treasure Hunt
Marin Treasure Hunt
The Haystack
(one-day game in NYC)
Local company that produces scavenger hunts
Boston company that produces scavenger hunts
Tech Search Party (SF)
Elevate Tutoring Puzzle Hunts (by Dr. Bob)
(in person ones and online ones)
Other Game-Related or Game-Like Things Michigan Game Site
(includes lists of similar events happening in Michigan)
Princeton Game Site
(from 2001 ; from 2002)
Midnight Madness (one night game in NYC)
The Go Game
(a series of short games stressing humor, performance art, and improvisation in addition to a few puzzles)
Urban Challenge
(a TV show stressing puzzles and foot / navigational speed)
High Trek Adventure
(like Urban Challenge)
NBC Treasure Hunters Recruiting
NBC Treasure Hunters Official Site
Dr. Bob's Puzzles
Magellan GPS Adventures
King William's College trivia quiz
(on the Isle of Man)
Western Washington University's Puzzle Hunt
Come Out And Play
(game festival in NYC)
Herald Hunt (hunt produced by Miami Herald)
Past Herald Hunts
Post Hunt (hunt produced by Washington Post)
World Puzzle Championship
(includes links to many pages relevant to this community)
Also, the Google Promotional Site
P & A Magazine
New York Times July 4th 2003 PuzzlesY
Odin's Hunt
(a promotion for a theatrical performance)
Just Passing Through
(the company the Jackpot folks started that will produce games)
Alternative Reality Gaming Network
(I do not explicitly list alternative reality games on this web site.)
Adrian Hon from Mind Candy talks about Alternate Reality Games and Perplex City in particular
(Talk given at Google.)
Slocum Puzzle Room at Indiana University
Mystery on Fifth Avenue (New York Times)
(puzzle embedded in apartment by architect)
The Treasure of St. George Island (Forbes)Y
article on urban (non-puzzle) games (SF Chronicle)Y
The Answer Men (Time magazine)
about the U.S. team at the World Puzzle Championship
Inside the epic, all-night, Goldman Sachs scavenger hunt (Quartz magazine)
(about a Midnight Madness hunt)
How to Solve Any Puzzle in Less Than 47 Minutes
(Curtis's talk at Ignite Portland 7)
A Clue Design Primer
(started by Team Snout)
Black Letter Game
(puzzle boxes by subscription)
Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt
(armchair team event over winter holidays; leads one to a place in England)
Edric's Treasure Hunts
(online, annual)
"Solver" online puzzle hunt
(promo for movie of the same name)
Puzzle Hunt created by author of webcomic My Neighbor Errol
prizes from Toronto real escape room games
The Headlands Gamble
(a two-day "immersive narrative mystery" in the Marin headlands)

Note: there are one to three paragraph logs of game out there, but I have not added them to this because they are so short.

There are of course Yahoo! Groups and Orkut Groups for many of the Games listed here, but I don't link to the groups directly. Sadly, I don't have archives for some of these groups that existed and then disappeared.