Radio Stations

Bay Area Music:
97.3 Alice, Thump Radio
Channel 104.9
Live 105

Bay Area Public Radio:
KQED (streaming)

New York Public Radio:
WNYC 93.9
WFUV 90.7
WNYE 91.5 (no streaming)
WBGO 88.3

Northern Virginia:

Music by country by decade ( ("international music history")

Radio Programs

Trip Over Zero

NPR (mobile)
Forum (listened to Jan 2006 - May 2007)
Talk of the Nation (listened to Jan 2006 - Apr 2006)
Fresh Air (listened to Jan 2006 - Apr 2006, Mar 2007 - May 2007)
(with commentator Geoff Nunberg (current through 2007))
Marketplace (pm)
On the Media (blog (a.k.a. TLDR) (read Jan-July 2012, Dec 10-30 2013))
BackStory (with the American history guys) (esp. episodes on traffic, voting, leisure, and controversial wars)
Philosophy Talk (blog)
Freakonomics Radio
Hannukkah Lights: Stories of the Season
Selected Shorts
Berkeley B-Side Radio
This I Believe