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Gore Backs Solar Energy Tax Credit/He announces proposal in visit to new Fairfield plant
Unraveling Your Energy Bill/Deregulation opens door to confusing array of charges
Advocates Push S.F. to Buy Power Plants/PG&E to sell 5 facilities under deregulation plan
Green Power Maelstrom/Critics, backers divided over possible benefits
Los Angeles Times Archives & Professional Research

Welcome To The Greening Federal Facilities Web Site
Energy Information Administration
DOE Office of Utility Technologies
Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) systems for remote power
Electro Automotive
Welcome to Jade Mountain
Alternative Energy Engineering
Renewable Technologies Inc.
Green Mountain Energy Resources - Power from Renewable Energy Resources.

CS201 Papers

Scientific American: The Way to Go in Space: February 1999
Science Magazine
Scientific American
RISKS Search results for airbus 320
Aviation Photos - Search Results
AIRBUS News & Information - FAST Technical Magazine Archive, December 1996
AIRBUS News & Information - FAST Technical Magazine

CS201 Project

Florida Association of Computer Crime Investigators
IW Database
HNN - H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
Hackers Defense Foundation
WPI Acceptable Use Policy
Hacker's Wisdom
Directory listing of /C|/WINDOWS/DESKTOP/CS201

Transcript: David Kendall questions Ken Starr - November 19, 1998 Special Report: Clinton Accused
Andy's CS 248 Shaders
Directory of /pub/MOO/papers
Senior Projects



Tuomas W. Sandholm ([email protected])
Directory of /people/wellman
IBM Institute for Advanced Commerce, Schedule of Events
FCC Auctions - FCC - Stanford - NSF Combinatorial Bidding Conference
ICMAS-00 Trading Agent Competition
TCP Protocol
Towards a Universal Test Suite for Combinatorial Auction Algorithms - Leyton-Brown, Pearson, Shoham (ResearchIndex)


NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems 2000 (NIPS*2000)
Stephen Muggleton's publications
MATLAB on Athena (AC-71)
MAS 622 matlab help
UAI-2000 Location and Transportation

Computer Games

Rick Rutt's Artificial Pet Shop -- Genetic Ninuki-Renju
Pente and Ninuki-Renju
Pentango Home Page
Bookmarks for Harry Fearnley
Machine Learning in Games
Nici Schraudolph's go networks
The Integration of A Priori Knowledge into a Go Playing Neural Network
Key Go Papers by Other Authors
Jeffrey Greenberg - Software Research
Computer Go: Literature
CS-TR-339 Computer Go Tech Report
Computer Go Bibliography
NeuroGo II -- PostScript version
Computational Go
Publications of Martin M´┐Żller
Computer Poker


Home Page for Michael Kearns of AT&T Labs - Research
Special Issue on "Model Selection" in Journal of MathematicalPsychology
NIPS*2000 Workshop: Cross-Validation, Bootstrap and Model Selection
Table of contents for: journal:jmps, volume:44, issue:1
What are cross-validation and bootstrapping?
Netlab Software

Equi Comp

UniCalc - Download a free demo version
GlobSol -- Entry Page
Global Solutions Review
Introduction to Fortran 90, QUB
R. Baker Kearfott


NIPS*98 Workshop - Integrating Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
On-Line Training by Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Neural Network FAQ, part 2 of 7: Learning
Nathan's Research Interests 06.15.96
IR Lab: Projects
Projects on Inductive Logic Programming funded by TFR
USF+AppSysSc: Monte Carlo Methods for Applied System Scientists
ML in Games Bibliography

Linear Algebra

"CLHEP Vector"
Linear transformations
Review Sheet
OOLABSS homepage
An ICA page-papers,code,demo,links (Tony Bell)
Sigurd Enghoff


Markov chain Monte Carlo with Applications
USF+AppSysSc: Monte Carlo Methods for Applied System Scientists
\sc Ten Years, or so, of MCMC
The BUGS Project - Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling


Games & Economic Behavior

Springer LINK: International Journal of Game Theory - Abstract Volume 28 Issue 4 (1999) pp 599-615

History of Game Theory
HET Documents
Individual Rationality as a Useful Approximation
Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart
Bounded Rationality: Models of Fast and Frugal Inference
Experience from a Course in Game Theory

Knowledge, Game Theory

Springer LINK: Economic Theory
Philosophy 298: Information update from a logical perspective
Sjur Flm
Google Search: strategic role of emotions
Learning and Evolution in Games
David Levine's Economic and Game Theory Page
Poker and Game Theory
GAMBIT Game Theory Software -- Home Page
GAMES 2000 (Bilbao, July 24-28)
ILOG OPL Studio and ILOG OPL Studio Pro
H&SS Faculty Home Pages - Richard D. McKelvey


Yoav Shoham
Daphne Koller
Josh Tenenbaum
Benjamin Van Roy
Bart Selman's Home Page new
Stuart Russell
Michael I. Jordan's Home Page
Andrew Ng's Home page
NASA - Computational Sciences Division Groups and Projects
CSLI Center for the Study of Information and Technology

Grad Apps

Choosing Graduate School in Computer Science
Stanford Undergraduate Education - Scholarship and Research
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships
Admissions Essays-personal statement, admission and application essays for business, law, medical, and graduate school.
Online Application - UCLA Graduate Admissions
Admission to the Brown University Graduate School
U. Mich - Graduate Program
Harvard - Admissions
Cornell Computer Science - Courses and Degree Programs
GMU Registrar's Office-Transcripts
Stanford Online Applications
UC Berkeley, Graduate Admissions
MIT EECS - Graduate Program
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowships
Rackham Application Packet in Adobe PDF Format
Artificial Intelligence


Center for Teaching and Learning: Resources for TAs

LaTeX and Citation Help

Hypertext Help with LaTeX
The Not-So-Short Guide to LaTeX
TeX Frequently Asked Questions - Section 13
Electronic Sources: APA Style of Citation
Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format
APA citation style

Link Game

Imprison Gannon! Save the world!
Brainstormed Clue List
ZingAlbum: 8/20/00 Scouting Trip
RADIO ZELDA - The Official Home of Zelda Classic
Games | Legend of Zelda | Enemies
Zelda 1 Enemies
Diamond Brands
Skill Sticks Farm Friends - craft project instructions
Skill Stick Maine Moose
NDC Home Page

Game Stuff

About Braille: Codes, Formats, Computers, and Braille ASCII
Pig Latin Converter.. or something
Morse Code Translator
The B. Gerald Rodin Sculpture Garden
AltaVista - Image Results
InterTran (tm)
spammimic - hide a message in spam
Cryptograms - source code
Wordplay Anagram Program
Howstuffworks "How Majestic Works"
The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club - Home
the Degree Confluence Project
Google Search: "the great escape" -movie
Letterboxing North America
Music - Beats Per Minute


The Art of Tying a Tie
Interface Hall of Shame
Welcome to
Microsoft TerraServer Full Resolution Image Page
What Are You Thinking?
the bar - online drink recipes
Pickup Lines

Funny Stuff

SatireWire |
Islamica News - Issue 4
The Time Travel Fund[tm]
MindGuard Home Page
Welcome to the White House - WWW.WHITEHOUSE.ORG

Frisbee Golf

Jim & Jeff's Frisbee Golf Course
Frisbee Golf

ACM Contest

The 2001 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
Stanford Local Programming Contest 2000
ACM - Pacific Region Programming Contest

Mark Harden's Artchive - "Joseph Mallord William Turner"
Rubber Duckies
Books By Orson Scott Card - Ender's Shadow - Chapter 1
Wonderfest Home World
Stanford Badminton Club
AI on the Web :: distributed biological processing
Chat Hall
MyFoBiK for Mother's Little Helpers
The Online Journal of Medieval Anesthesiology Web Site
NPR : "Googling"