Good References:
Seafood Watch: Choosing Sustainable Seafood
Rate Beer
Belgian Beer Guide
McCormick Spice Age Checker
Selecting Healthy Meals in Restaurants (has tips by cuisine!)
Know Your Mushrooms: The Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms

Healthy, Sustainable Seafood:
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program
Environmental Defense Fund's Seafood Selector
Marine Conservation Society's Fish Finder (UK equivalent to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's list)

Misc Food Articles:
NYT: Beer vs. Wine ; lambics in particular
NPR: Cheese Course 101
Chronicle: Cheese Course Articles Archive
NYT: Shanghai Food (a stunningly tempting and well written review)
NYT: Ramen Shops (includes overview of blogs)
Chinese New Year Foods (NPR)
NYT: Let the Meals Begin: Finding Beijing in Flushing (guide to Flushing)
NYT: Non-Teflon Pan Review
Benefits of Wine (Science News)
Online Wine Aroma Wheel

Cooking Types of Food:
NYT: Intro to Baking
NPR: Marinates
NYT: Kugel
NPR: Latkes
Thai recipes (and articles) (also, she's published cookbooks)
Rules for Cooking Risotto
All About Artichokes
Chow Mushroom Guide
25 Ways to Cook Squid ; another squid overview

Omnivore�s 100
Chinese 100
Japanese 100

Chronicle: Top 100
Chronicle: Bargain Bites
Chronicle: Four-Star Restaurants (chowhound discussion)
Chronicle: Pizza Reviews
Burritos Are Yummy
Burrito Eater
Yum Tacos - bay area taco truck map
Oakland Taco Trucks Google Map
In search of the transcendent taqueria: Our critic puts 85 beloved Bay Area burrito joints to the test (SF Chronicle)
Taquerias in Redwood City (there's 49!)
Banh Mi Google Map
Santa Clara's Koreatown (Metroactive)
Top 10 Bay Area Ramen Places
Sushi Restaurants on the Peninsula
Many Chinas, Many Tables (SF Chronicle's deep dive into more than twenty types of regional Chinese cooking)

Store Wars